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Aftermarket Guidance Solutions

EZ-Guide 250

Best solution to start

  • Accurate from sub meter to +/- 20cm
  • 11cm colour screen.USB port for data transfer
  • GPS data output
  • 15 bridge guidance LEDs
  • Field finder technology
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Compatible with ez-steer
  • Rugged construction for everyday field use
  • Night or Day screen mode
  • User Benefits

  • Simple Clear Solution
  • If you are looking for the best solution to start in Precision Farming, then the EZ-Guide 250’s clear colour display and intuitive user interface make it the perfect solution. With the added benefit of a set-up wizard it is simple to set up your EZ-Steer calibration and GPS corrections to suit your exact requirements

  • Suits every field
  • Whatever the shape of your field – straight, curved, headland, pivot and even free-form – the EZ-Guide 250 can work on every different field pattern to suit your operations.

  • Self Learning
  • The EZ-Guide 250 learns from experience, recording your path on the map to highlight any obstacles and hazards to ensure they are avoided in future. Coverage maps can be transferred from the system to your PC via USB stick for further use


    The Evolutionary solution

  • Accurate from +/-20cm to +/-2.5 cm
  • 20.3cm colour touch-screen
  • Rugged construction for everyday field use
  • Night or Day screen mode
  • USB port for data transfer
  • High performance, integrated GPS & GLONASS receiver
  • Dual external video input
  • 27 built-in guidance LED lights
  • Compatible with ez-steer, ez-pilot and guidance ready equipment
  • User benefits

  • Simple and easy to use
  • You can easily perform day-to-day farming tasks as well as access guidance lines and coverage maps thanks to the FM-750s colour touch-screen and intuitive user interface.

  • Customisable
  • From broadcast spreading to inter-row cultivations, the display can be upgraded to various accuracies depending on your individual requirements.

  • Enhanced planting and nutrient/pest management
  • Prevent seed and fertiliser overlap with Field-IQ technology for section control and variable rate application.


    Precision Made Simple

  • Accuracy from +/-20cm to +/-2cm
  • 10″ Touch Screen
  • Compatible with the full range of correction signals
  • Full integration with advanced AFS technology
  • Rugged construction for everyday field use
  • Night or Day screen mode
  • USB port for data transfer
  • Precision IQ User Interface
  • App Central & Internet Browser
  • Specially customized Android™ Operating System
  • Compatible with ez-pilot pro and guidance ready equipment
  • User benefits

  • Simple and easy to use
  • With the new XCN-1050 display, you benefit from a host of new functions and innovations designed to make your day-to-day farming operations not only more precise but also easier to carry out. There is a multi-touch surface for convenient fingertip control, while the Android operating system also allows you to install additional software to enhance the functional scope of the display. The result is a package that allows you to get more done, with greater precision, at lower cost.

    Correction Levels



  • Entry level for large scale crops
  • Soil tillage
  • Stubble cultivation
  • Mapping
  • Advantages

  • 20-cm pass-to-pass accuracy
  • For manual guidance systems
  • GPS-satellite
  • Available for AFS 372 and AFS AccuStar receivers
  • The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) was developed by the European Space Agency, the European Commission and EUROCONTROL to augment the Global Positioning System (GPS), with the goal of improving its accuracy, integrity and availability. It is available to all at no charge.



  • Mapping
  • Soil sampling
  • Planting/Seeding
  • Row crops
  • Advantages

  • 15-cm pass-to-pass accuracy
  • RTX RangePoint available for AFS 372 and Trimble AG25 receivers
  • Fast convergence times
  • 2 min. bridging timeout
  • GLONASS free of charge
  • RTX RangePoint is a GPS and GLONASS enabled correction service delivered via satellite and built on the same RTX technology as RTX CenterPoint. RTX RangePoint does not require additional receivers, modems, or data plans and will be available throughout most of the world.



  • Row crops
  • Planting/Seeding
  • Spraying
  • Harvest
  • Advantages

  • 4 cm pass-to-pass accuracy
  • RTX CenterPoint available for AFS 372 and Trimble AG25 receivers
  • Quick new-start technology
  • Repeatable
  • 2 min. bridging timeout
  • GLONASS free of charge
  • CenterPoint™ RTX™ is a GPS and GLONASS enabled correction service. This breakthrough technology provides up to 4cm repeatable horizontal GNSS positioning without requiring the use of a traditional reference station-based infrastructure. Depending on the user’s location and operational circumstances, the CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service converges to full accuracy in 30 minutes on average, or in less than 5 minutes when the FastRestart™ feature is used.

    AFS Support

    Case IH provides technical support every working day between 7AM until 7PM, to help keep you on track and rolling. Calls to the Support Centre are logged and categorised, so all AFS support engineers have access to the inquiry and the resolution. The real-time data on product issues, trends and analyses give Case IH important insights for future product improvements and innovations.